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Many of us depend on our vehicles every day. They take us from work, to school, to pick up the kids, run errands, and to even get away for the weekend. As heavily as we depend on our vehicles, not many of us can honestly say we take a moment to walk around and inspect our vehicle to make sure it’s still able to take us from place to place. Routinely looking over your vehicle from your tires, to your lights, to anything that may be under the hood, creates good habits that’ll keep your vehicle up and running in good condition.

Admire Your Tires
Regularly checking your tires before you drive away can help prevent an accident and save you from damaging your rim. We all drive over objects that can puncture our tires unknowingly nearly every day. Don’t always count on your tire pressure light, as you may have made it home with an unnoticed leak. By the time you’re ready to leave the next morning, your tire may be completely flat and driving on it will damage the wheel. Get in the habit of walking the perimeter of your car and admiring your tires before you leave.

Lights On
It’s also important to routinely check that your exterior lighting works, from your high beams and low beams to your turn signals, taillights, and brake lights. Turn on your lights and test both turn signals to make sure all of the bulbs still function properly. Making sure your headlights work allow you to see clearly at night, and keeping your brake lights and turn signals in working order keeps you visible to other drivers on the road and alerts them to your planned maneuvers. Don’t wait to replace a burned out light as it could result in a fine.

Small Animals
As it gets colder out and you appreciate the heat in your car, small animals from rodents to cats also appreciate the heat your engine gives off. Starting your vehicle while an animal is under the hood will lead to fatally injuring them and possibly creating a mess for yourself. Get in the habit of banging on the hood a couple of times or beeping your horn before starting your vehicle. This will startle the animal and give them time to escape before you’re ready to start your vehicle.

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