Quigley Vans

quigley van

Looking for a van that can handle it all? Springfield Buick and GMC now offer Quigley vans! Get a van that works and plays hard. Equipped to endure any storm and able to handle any adventure, find your customizable Quigley van at Springfield Buick, GMC today!


Quigley vans take the standard 2WD cargo, passenger, or cutaway van and convert it into a 4WD van. Quigley vans are not only designed to handle better in inclement weather and on rough terrain, but they can also receive all of the same upfits as their 2WD counterparts. From shelving to cargo upfits, you can customize your Quigley van to perform any job you need it to.


Vans straight from the factory are designed solely for work, but Quigley’s converted 4WD vans can be used for work and personal use! The 4WD van not only sees improved handling, but also offers an available 3-inch LIFS system option for additional ground clearance. Equipped for rough terrain, the Quigley van makes for the perfect vehicle to take you on your next adventure. From the highway to the mountains, Quigley vans are fit for it all!

READY AT Springfield Buick, GMC

Quigley vans are currently available for pre-order at Springfield Buick, GMC! Tell us what you’re looking for and we can have it custom ordered to fit your needs! Test drive a Quigley van when they arrive and feel the improved handling with the 4WD capabilities, and have the upfits you want ordered.

How you use your Quigley van is up to you. Add to your workfleet with the 4WD Quigley van or get yours for personal use. Have it on hand to continue working through winter weather, or take yours out for a rugged adventure! Stop by Springfield Buick GMC today and test drive it for yourself!