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Winter is in full swing, and the local Department of Transportation is doing everything they can to keep our roadways as safe as possible. Unfortunately for our cars, that often means laying down salt. While salt is a necessary safety measure used to melt snow and ice, it wreaks havoc on our vehicles when left unattended.

After driving in inclement weather, the salt sticks to your vehicle. While it may only be visible on the paint, much of your vehicle’s undercarriage is left exposed to the harsh salt as well. Neglecting to rid the salt will have costly repercussions. The salt will cause your exposed undercarriage to rust such as your brake lines and muffler. Severely rusted brake lines will often cause your brakes to fail and require you to replace the whole brake line on your vehicle. Salt left on your vehicle will also cause the paint to deteriorate as well.

To prevent and prolong salt damage on your car, make sure to wash it. You want to wait a few days until most of the salt is off the road, otherwise your vehicle’s exposed undercarriage will be covered in salt again by the time you get home. It is also recommended to go to a car wash that has a powerwash for your vehicle’s undercarriage, so it can get to the hard to reach places underneath your vehicle where the salt may sit. It also helps to wash your vehicle when the temperature is above freezing out and during the daytime, so it can properly dry before freezing temperatures hit.

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